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Solder Splatter



Solder Splatter | 13 June, 2002

any of you guys got any ideas to clear up this stuff of the package surface?? I know this is just a cosmetic defect but one of our packages get splatters on the marking area so this is something I have to fix...

inputs are very much welcome...

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Solder Splatter | 13 June, 2002

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Why not figure-out and correct the cause these solder splatters? Let�s talk about what�s going on here. Tell us about component, near-by components, solder, bare board, soldering method, process, etc.

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Solder Splatter | 15 June, 2002

well as usual this for flip chip however, this application uses ceramic substrates and the nearby area in which the splatter land on is the marking area (gold pad). We cannot hide this because the package is completed bare die, meaning no heatspreader attached.

paste printing and component attach via KME (SP28 and CM201) is the equipment using Hi Pb solder with 325-500 Mesh and using 2125 caps.

we think its with the reflow because the bumps on the die require 360-370 C Peak temp and occurence usually...well only happens on said ceramic pkgs specicially now that the customer increased component thickness to 1.3mm also increasing the leads on the cap terminals.

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Solder Splatter | 17 June, 2002

Consider slowing down the rate of heating during reflow to eliminate the ejactula.

Well, if you feel this is caused by your customer�s design, it is repeatable, you think it�s coming from the reflow process, and you think your reflow process is well developed and controlled; put a piece of tape that can take the heat of your reflow over the �target� and remove the tape [and splatter] after reflow.

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Solder Splatter | 19 June, 2002

mebbe you can try to Kapton Tape the nearby gold pads that are seeing the solder splatter?

this is no root cause elimination and for meantime avoidance of solder splatter cleanup, hope this idea can help get your boards accepted by your OQC.

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Solder Splatter | 20 June, 2002

thanks yeah we are very much looking at the reflow because the package is ceramic tough "scratch" the tape idea because the gold pad is a marking area and the surface might be contaminated and it might cause illegible marking.

the slow ramp up i'll try that thanks again.

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