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NEPCON - not what I expected



NEPCON - not what I expected | 13 June, 2002

Well the show was something else. I think they should seriously consider renaming it CON. As an exhibitor, it has been a while since attendance was this poor.

Sure we got some "quality" leads, but from my perspective the show was dead. The visitors reminded me of myself at the past auto show. That Porsche 911 looks great and I would buy it in a heartbeat. The problem is that I only have enought budgeted for a Hyndai Accent.

Any thoughts from the exhibitors / visitors would be appreciated.

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Mark J


NEPCON - not what I expected | 13 June, 2002

The major draw at NEPCON was the the machine manufacturers. With most of the big players going to the APEX shows, NEPCON attendance has seemed to slow down quite a bit. Although APEX wasn't very busy either. With the industry in it's current state no one is buying anything they don't absolutely need.

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NEPCON - not what I expected | 14 June, 2002

Thanks for the report, I am glad I did not spend the money to do the show. Although I am not happy with the way NEPCON shows have ran for the last 4 years anyway. APEX is and was a good show but at the mercy of this very soft market. APEX is by far the best run show I have ever been to. I think APEX 2003 in March will be a very good show as the market will be much better than it has been, my opinion only.

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