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Systems for Solderability-tests



Systems for Solderability-tests | 25 June, 2002

Hi everybody,

Does someone have experience in the assesment of Surface Mount devices? For the moment we have the Must System II of Multicore but it is not effective to assess the solderability of Surface mount devices. Indeed the conditions are not the same as the conditions of production: the component is in molten inserted, while in production it is set on print paste. Do other principles for solderability-testing exist?

I hope that you will answer


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Systems for Solderability-tests | 26 June, 2002

Among the BIG concerns that we have with J-001 is 5.4, Solderability Maintenance. It states "the manufacturer must ensure that all components, parts, leads, wiring, terminals and printed boards... are solderable at the start of hand and/or machine soldering operations." I don't know how to do this except to perform solderability testing prior to assembly.

Solderability testing is a BIG problem. * Performing tests is operator dependant. In QA talk => it has a lousy gage. * Solderability testing machines from different suppliers produce dissimilar results. * Tests don�t well represent in-use. For instance, how does one test the solderability of a BGA? [Ooo, ooo. I know the answer. => For BGA and other parts that do not lend themselves to solderability testing, J-002A, 1.7 states, "In cases where the stated test parameters are inappropriate or insufficient, alternate parameters may be agreed upon between vendor and user." Izat blank, erwat?] * How do you hold a 0201 in a clip made for a 0805? * How do you hold a thumbwheel switch? * How deep do you immerse some of these wonderfully designed components that only have solderable surfaces on the vertical side of the part?

Solderability tester suppliers are: * Robotic Process Systems Six Sigma * Concoat acquired Multicore SPCID. [This includes MUST II and Contaminometer.] * CMI * Kester * Cemco

Many companies just cob-up their own in-house method. Standards are: * J-STD-002A for component solderability * J-STD-003 for printed wiring board solderability

Contact Dave Hillman [ ]. He leads an IPC solderability committee.

Contact solderability testing service providers, such as: * Soldering Technology International * EMPF

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