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Applying Thicker LPI Soldermask

Matt Kehoe


Applying Thicker LPI Soldermask | 1 July, 2002

We are currently trying to gather information pertaining to applying LPI soldermask thicker than normal. The thick coating is necessary for the SIPAD ssd process however, because of the numerous brands of mask and application methods there is no single method for every supplier. We want to gather as many ideas as possible based on your mask system and experiances. Double image, double coating, etc etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Applying Thicker LPI Soldermask | 1 July, 2002

Solder mask thickness specifications by fabricators are: * Wet mask: 0.0002 ~ 0.0004� on trace * LPI mask: 0.0002 ~ 0.0008� on trace

Liquids usually range between 10 to 13 um (0.00039 to 0.00051") when dried. Liquid resist processes I have seen are putting down 8-10 um (about 0.4 thou) of resist.

SM-840C - Qualification & Performance Of Permanent Solder Mask describes the require performance of solder masks.

Common LPI solder mask materials are: * Coates ImageCure XV501T & XV501TSM * Coates ImageFlex (Flexible Solder Mask) SV 601T * Enthone DSR 3241 and DSR 3241 GM * Rogers RFlex 8080 LP1 & RFlex 8080 LP3 (Flexible) * Shipley OPSR 5600, OPSR 5700, and OPSR 5900 * Shipley EPIC SP 200 * Taiyo PSR 4000 BN and 4000 AUS5 * Taiyo PSR 9000 (Flexible) * Vantico's Probimer 77 LPI Solder Mask

LPI solder mask can be applied with screen-printing, roll coating or spray coating. LPI solder mask application equipment suppliers are: * Teledyne Halco Hudson, NH * Circuit Automation Irvine, CA

Solder mask application service bureaus are: * Mask Technology 2601 South Oak St Santa Ana, CA 92707 714-557-3383 Fax 4778 * SolderMask 17905 Metzler Lane Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (714) 842-1987 Fax (714) 847-0244

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