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Reflow | 3 July, 2002


We have some probleme here with our solder joints, I read a lot about what sould I do before pass a board in the oven, what should I consider to make my profile and there is one thing I can't find is how to calculate the thermal mass of my there anybody who knows how to do it or who can send me a web site that I can refer to??

Or if you think you can help me to have the best solder joint I would appreciate if you can contact me.

Thank You

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Reflow | 3 July, 2002

Suggestions are: * Convince yourself that your paste printing and paste control processes are in control. * Convince yourself you oven is in-control and capable. * Get one of those FREE software packages from the profiler companies [ie, KIC, ECD, etc]. We like the one from ECD. * Run the board with the canned recommendation from the FREE software packages from the profiler company. * Profile on the connections that don�t look good. * Read and follow the guidance of 7530 - Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering (Reflow and Wave), nod three times in the general direction of Northbrook, IL, before taking a nap. * Leave work early because you�re doing such a good job. * Toss a coupla brats on the grill for me and blast Sousa on yer boom box �til the cops come.

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