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Which Oven Soldering Technology ?



Which Oven Soldering Technology ? | 3 July, 2002

Vapor Phase, Nitrogen Oven, Convective Oven?

Which among the above 3 ovens do I need to process my BGA's and Fine pitch on a 6 to 12 layer board. Which will give me best results? Inert type oven or just a convective oven? Another thing is what will be the future of those ovens 3 to 5 years from now? Will SMT go for Vapor Phase, Nitrogen or Convection with regards to the ever changing technology of components (packaging) and solder paste (lead and lead free). Is vapor phase an obsolete technology? Will convection type ovens would still dominate the future of reflow soldering? Is Nitrogen oven the way to go when it comes to BGA and Flip Chip processing?

You can give your best ideas and they are really more than welcome.

Thanks, Dreamy

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Which Oven Soldering Technology ? | 4 July, 2002

Hi mate,

in humble opinion, Hot air Convection types are here to stay. Some machine designer folks are combining IR and Hot Air Relow into integrated technological units for commercial sale to folks like us.

Dave F tells us that another group of designer folks are getting improvement results for vapor phase technology due to the developments in better chemistry applications.

Newer manufactured Reflow Ovens, typically (from what we have been exposure to) come with ready capability to use nitrogen as inert gas stablizer during reflow process. Whether you need to use nitro, depends on your individual customer sentiments about trying something new. we have one traditionist customer who will not allow any new technology applied to their product run, unless the local giants (eg. Celestica, Selectron..etc) are already using for similar products. There are lotsa testimony that support nitrogen use for flip chip and BGA. Go get "white papers" to support any decision to use nitro.


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