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Managing Production Schedules



Managing Production Schedules | 5 July, 2002

As my company has grown we are finding that this growth needs to be managed well. I have done fine over the years managing production of small batches but we have some new products that are being made often and in large numbers. My company is an OEM that manufactures its own products. I am looking for ideas or suggestions that others have used to help make production run efficiently and smoothly.

For example, how does your assembly staff know what jobs have priority? Do you have a large wall calender that you use to record the various jobs and their due dates? Do you have daily/weekly meetings with the entire production staff or with the heads only? How do you manage the time scheduling of jobs on your assembly equipment? What do you have in terms of technology solutions? (not the assembly equipment itself but handheld PDA's or computer workstations that the staff can access or use for...what?)

What I'm trying to find are ideas that will help the production process run easier and make communications better.

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Managing Production Schedules | 8 July, 2002

Aegis Industrial Software has some excellent programs for manufacturing. Check out

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Managing Production Schedules | 18 July, 2002

Does your company use an MRP system? If so you should be able to print a report that defines assembly due dates as well as the time it takes to process each assembly. What I do is print the report at the begining of the week for everyone to work from. The issue was the sheet kept getting lost or missplaced. I then decided to put it on an overhead in hte production area so everyone could see it. This idea then progressed into a slide show using Microsoft Access, I used it for the MRP info, Company memos, IPC updates/standards, Reject info...

The operators like it.

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Mark S.


Managing Production Schedules | 18 July, 2002

Our company started with a MSAccess based system for reporting labor time and displaying a schedule of jobs to build.

Now we have created an intranet based schedule that displays the production schedule, short materials, maintenance schedule, feeder maintenance etc.

The production schedule is broken down by line, then assembly versus inspection. It also then links to a production report.

We have a talented programmer here on our IT staff who whips up anything we asks. I usually do the report/querry in MSAccess then he dumps the SQL into ASP.

The system is not tied into our MRP system directly..the jobs are manually entered by the stockroom when the get the released WO. But the schedule can then pul up BOM, inventory values etc. by looking into MRP database tables. The MRP system doesn't provide the custom reports I designed for my operators.

The schedule has a priority field for each first they have the priority then the due date is the second field for prioritization. As I "pull" the jobs from the que I give them a lower priority number..I may move one job ahead of another based on back order sales reports, butI'm usually ahead of the game so the due dates rule.

BUT...the one thing that is fixed is priority #1 (on the machine) & #2 (setup offline waiting)..once a job enters this stage, they are not changed come hell or high water. #3 is kitted and sitting in a bin waiting..if a new kit can be made in time then it might get moved ahead of the previous kit waiting.

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