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Environmental Cost Of Lead-Free Solder


Environmental Cost Of Lead-Free Solder | 7 July, 2002

Peter Roth of Bosch kindly translated from German a University of Stuttgart presentation on the environmental cost of lead free solders. (Thanks, Peter). The original authors approved this translation. Brian Ellis placed the translated document at for downloading (PDF file, 3.4 Mb).

Let's talk.

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Environmental Cost Of Lead-Free Solder | 8 July, 2002

Interesting study. It shows no-Pb alloys having a greater negative environmental impact. I wonder if the Euros are re-thinking their no-Pb regulations? I also wonder if popular opinion and politics is at the route of our EPA's no-Pb regulations and not science. Sure looks like it. While we're on the no-Pb subject, has anyone ever see studies on solder joint reliablity with no-Pb alloys? The Pb component enables the joint to be somewhat compliant whereas no-Pb alloys do not exibit this property. Makes TCE's an issue. Is this correct?

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Bernard Mulcahy


Environmental Cost Of Lead-Free Solder | 10 July, 2002


I think most of us in Europe in this industry know that the Pb regulations are not really based on any real environmental issue --rather a preceived one. The industrie's lobby does not seem to be effective ,so it is likely that the lead ban will go ahead regardless

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Environmental Cost Of Lead-Free Solder | 10 July, 2002


You might be right that the ban will go ahead eventhough some indications, like the report from Germany, show it will be an environmental drawback.

In Denmark I�m aware of 2 lead-free invetigating projects on the way.

I participate in one of them. This project, beside production implementaion issues, also looks at the invironmental impact. The project is due to end in the fall, so it will be interesting to see, if we end up with the same conclusion as in the German report ! We will have to wait and see. The results and reports are expected to be available sometime in the fall.



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