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Military wire harness guru



Military wire harness guru | 17 July, 2002

I know this isn't SMT related, so I apologize. But I'm looking for someone that is very experienced with military wire harnesses,and all the specifications involved, that is interested in a consulting opportunity...

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-Steve Gregory-

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Military wire harness guru | 19 July, 2002

Try posting on the forum. Lots of military electronics types on that forum.

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Military wire harness guru | 21 July, 2002

We know of no one like that, but angles to take in looking for this person might be: * 'Connector Specifier' Susan Woods 847-876-5602 * Ed Cady, Meritec, 888-637-4832 * Robert Mroczowski, ConnNtext Associates, 717-664-2246 * John Peel, Contech Research, 508-226-4800 * John Yurtin, Delphi Packard Electric Systems, 330-759-6000

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Military wire harness guru | 22 July, 2002

Try George King at SCI in Hunsville AL. the have done so much stuff for the military since 196?. Plant 1 is al about HI REL and MIL SPEC. they do small jobs as well as big jobs.

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