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Solder joints/inspection



Solder joints/inspection | 18 July, 2002

I am looking for advise on making(soldering) and ensuring of a quality solder joint. We are doing the process by hand and are soldering wires onto PC boards and transducers. Looking for any suggestions that may help in either; overall ways of making a better solder joint, inspection(s) and or testing of the joints. Am looking at the process from all angles so any advise would be helpfull. Thanks.

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Solder joints/inspection | 18 July, 2002

go to website. there are many resources there to help you on your way.

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Solder joints/inspection | 18 July, 2002

Platitudes about soldering are: * People ARE NOT good at soldering. * Machines ARE good at soldering. You can purchase a good used wave soldering machine for $20k. * Training helps people to be better at soldering. * Your solder connections should look like those in IPC-A-610. * Poor soldering can create latent defects that might not become apparent before the product ships to the customer. * Soldering is about the coolest thing. People have been soldering since ~4000BC and still haven't figured-out how to do it. * Wassink "Soldering In Eletronics" Electrochemical Publications [090115024X] is the most coherent discussion of soldering.

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