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Universal say what you will


Universal say what you will | 19 July, 2002

I am the first to bitch about OEM's. So I will tell you this. I ordered a part from Universal instruments that was made in 1979. They were happy to tell me it was in stock and they would ship it over night. That is the BALLS. not only did they have it in stock they offered a replacement to enhance the machine. That is what will keep Universal instruments the best company in our industry. A happy smile good customer support and best in class machines. Keep up the good work guys and girls. I love that support. I want 1,000,000 UIC machines all over the world.

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Universal say what you will | 20 July, 2002

......and now a word from our sponsor!

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Universal say what you will | 22 July, 2002

I promise I am not a sponser. If you look back I have told it like it is. I have put Universal, MyData, Panasonic etc. etc. On the spot I will do so in the future. I really slam them when they do wrong. So. I want to praise them when they do well. It is important that they are rewarded when they do well. They need to understand that doing the right thing is better than doing the BAD thing.

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Universal say what you will | 22 July, 2002

If a OEM does the wrong thing tell the World. Tell every single person you know. But also do the right thing by them when they do the right thing. Tell the World. If it's right it's right. UIC seems to be doing the right thing right now. Their registration fees are in tact and they seem to be in a good mood. That is the problem (a good mood). Mood should have nothing to do with it. The law is the law. UIC is following the law and they are a good company (right now). I think they have got the picture. If they continue on this path they will have the respect of the entire world. I am encouraged by their position. They have nothing to lose by being the best.

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Universal say what you will | 22 July, 2002

They have the part because they're selling the part. UIC's Replacement Parts Division doesn't care about when a machine was built. All they're concerned about is what parts are selling. That old part I'll bet was for an axial VCD inserter or sequencer. Those are their biggiest selling parts on the "IMC" product line. Revenue and profit is what's motivating them to support old machines. They have their head on straight about that.

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