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Fuji CP Feeder Maintenance


Fuji CP Feeder Maintenance | 22 July, 2002

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to track feeder maintenance on fuji CP feeders in a contract shop ? We are constantly setting up and tearing down feeders. Some feeders may be getting picked out of way more than others. How does one keep from doing redundant maintenance ? Do you have to individually inspect each feeder and determine whether or not to maintenance, or do you just do them all at once? I know that someone else out there has to have this problem as well.

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Fuji CP Feeder Maintenance | 22 July, 2002

The trick is to put a serial number on each feeder and use a maintenance tracking software. There are commercial software out there that do just that. Some even use the barcodes to track the location of the feeders, so you know which machine it is on when the feeder is due for maintenance. Search for "feeder maintenance tracking software".

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Fuji CP Feeder Maintenance | 23 July, 2002

first you need to have bar code stickers put on to your feeders.You need a tracking software to track your feeders using the bar need to do periodic maintenance on your feeders and very important is is best to set up a feeder calibration group/section which will only be dealing with feeders.

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