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SnAgBi supplier


SnAgBi supplier | 22 July, 2002

Anyone know of a paste supplier that can provide the 42Sn/1Ag/57Bi alloy? Supposedly HP has done some work with this specific alloy and we would like to evaluate it. Neither Alpha Metals or Kester can supply it.

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SnAgBi supplier | 22 July, 2002

It doesn't appear to be a proprietary mix. Maybe it's 'neither Alpha Metals nor Kester WILL [want to] supply it.'

It's interesting. A lot of the discussion of a solder replacement for 63/37 has centered on high temperature alloys. In real life, most the applications that will actually be replaced with a no-lead solder will probably get along just fine with lower temperature alloys. It�s not like they going to do no-lead in automobiles, airplanes, safety oriented / critical industrial applications, medical equipment, etc.

I�ve seen some talk of that alloy in High Density Packaging User Group [ ] Low Temperature Soldering Reliability Characterization Project [ ]. Maybe they can help you.

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SnAgBi supplier | 23 July, 2002

Actually this is for automotive (radio). According to TWI (the Welding Institute), European auto makers are mandating that suppliers of electronics replace lead in solder by January 1, 2003. I haven't been able to find which specific automotive companies, and this is contrary to all info we had received previously.

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SnAgBi supplier | 23 July, 2002

Try Indium Corp.

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SnAgBi supplier | 24 July, 2002

Checked with them and they do make this paste, thanks.

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