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Hand Solder Defect Rate

M. Colnat


Hand Solder Defect Rate | 23 July, 2002

I am looking for defect rates on hand soldering. Specifically - I have a large number of wire jumpers that need to be hand soldered across two boards (connectors are not an option). I am looking for a defect rate so I can perform a cost analysis including; scrap rates, rework costs, etc.


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Hand Solder Defect Rate | 24 July, 2002

Well, I guess the defect rate would depend on whose doing the job. If you had some idiot doing it, I guess you would have a high defect rate. On the other hand, if you had me doing it, there would be zero defect.

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Hand Solder Defect Rate | 25 July, 2002

Defect rate is a variable that is hard to evaluate from company to company. Look into solid solder deposit which will eliminate smd scrap/defects all together, no matter who assembles it.


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