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Stencil Cleaner

Francois Racine


Stencil Cleaner | 28 August, 2000

Hi everybody !!!

I`m from Quebec city ( Canada ) and last time I asked a question in this site, I had a lot of excellent answers and also a lot of technical informations from all around the world.

Thanks a lot

Here is my new question :

I`m loocking for a Stencil Cleaner and I was wondering how many different companies sell this quind of machines. With this stencil cleaner, I want to clean solder paste and adhesive (loctite #3614).

Thank you


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Re: Stencil Cleaner | 29 August, 2000

Hi Francois, I made a recommendation to this question, some one else posted it earlier this month. I have done a little research and evaluated a couple of machines on site. If you require further information regarding the one I purchased for our company then contact me offline.

The one I choose cleaned adhesive, solder paste and misprinted PCB's, to a very high degree.



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Re: Stencil Cleaner | 29 August, 2000

Francois, It appears from "G's" admission in his earlier posting that his "study" was based on the evaluation of 2 pieces of equipment - one high pressure spray system and one ultrasonic system. There are other alternatives...low pressure, high volume spray systems, capable of cleaning paste AND adhesive residues on a 24 hr/7 day performance demand. If ROBUST is what you want, please contact me for further details.

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Mike Konrad


Re: Stencil Cleaner | 29 August, 2000

I�m sure others will spew out commercials as a response to your question, but I�ll refrain.

Stencil cleaner manufacturers include: Aqueous Technologies (800) 218-8128 PMR (480) 829-8170 SmartSonic (818) 909-6400 EMC (215) 340-0650 JNJ Industries (508) 478-5290 Unit Design (714) 672-9944

Good Luck,


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Re: Stencil Cleaner | 29 August, 2000

Hello Everyone,

In appreciation of Mike's statement I'll spare everyone from the advertising jargon. However, as a regional sales manager for PMR Systems I'll be happy to provide documentation for your fact finding mission and comparisons including demo potenial. Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns.

Good luck, Sean Douglas 480-829-8170 ext. 14

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Kevin Hussey


Re: Stencil Cleaner | 30 August, 2000

Hi Francois,

There are a lot of nice cleaners out there. The one thing I wanted to point out is to be careful when ordering one machine for both glue and paste. Some machines requires special rubber o-rings when using glue thinner (esp Loctite). Also, inquire about filter media when looking at doing both in one machine.


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