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Measuring PM Effectiveness



Measuring PM Effectiveness | 24 July, 2002

Was wanting to get some ideas about some systems being used to measure Preventive Maintenace effectiveness on SMT equipment. Currently using machine SPC data, defect tracking and PPM's per SMT process. Looking for new ideas and better methods.


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Measuring PM Effectiveness | 31 July, 2002

We are not very smart about this. We base our machine PM on manufacturer�s recommendations. In real life, those recommendations are fairly conservative for a new a machine and probably need to be tailored for a more mature machine.

The buzzword is: �Total Productive Maintenance�. This was developed for BIG things like plants and military vehicles. Look here

But you can see [ ] that some folk develop performance measures for their equipment. We primarily focus on keeping our feeders running.

"Recommendations for your a good feeder maintenance program include the following: * Talk to the equipment manufacturer of your P&P equipment. Find out if they have any feeder calibration tools. Most of them do. Some even offer some very advanced vision-based calibration systems. * Create a feeder maintenance program. Review your equipment manufacturers manuals for proper maintenance. * Always have enough spare feeders to rotate through your inventory. This adds extra cost, but this cost will be eliminated by increased efficiency. * If you can have spare parts made locally by a machine shop, this will greatly reduce your replacement costs. However, ensure that your machine shop can provide identical parts! Incorrect parts will only cause more problems. * Understanding the importance of feeders should never be forgotten. Maintaining the functionality of your feeders will directly impact your efficiency and your company's bottom line." [M Porter]

Search the fine SMTnet Archives for additional tips on feeder maintenance.

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