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APS Equipment Users



APS Equipment Users | 24 July, 2002

Looking to make contact with other users of equipment manufactured by Automated Production Systems (specifically their new L Series Pick and Place machines) who may be intersted in forming a users group. You can contact me at

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APS Equipment Users | 27 July, 2002

Seriuosly, I have never heard of them...are they new? If so, that is a bold move in these times.

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APS Equipment Users | 29 July, 2002

Their company isn't new although as I mentioned they have a new line of pick and place machines designed specifically for low to medium volume users. Their web site is

When I attended the Apex show in San Diego last January I had been bemoaning for a long time the lack of support for small companies. My company will never, ever need a machine like the Fuji's or Siemen's. I needed a new machine because the old Quad 100's I had bought on the used market were getting older by the minute. If they went dead I was done for.

I needed a new machine but I simply would never be able to financially justify the $85K, $90K or $100K+ machines. They were too expensive, plain and simple.

When I found APS I was sold immediately. If I'd had my PO book with me I would have issued one right then and there in San Diego. As it turned out I waited until I got home. Their new L series is really new...brand new. I have serial #3 (thanks to my waiting until I got home!) but I take solace in that mine was the first one installed in all of Canada!

So anyway, I'm a supporter and want to find the other users. If you're an owner please contact me at or if you're a potential buyer I'll be happy to provide an honest, forthright opinion.


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