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BGA Contact | 25 July, 2002

We experience e-test failure due to BGA problem.

The product was subjected to 40 deg.C hot air blowing on the BGA area and it works pretty well. The product then failed when the temperature became 36 deg. C as the hot air blower is withdrawn.

If it is due to ESD then it should be a total failure I supposed.

We check the component storage until its use in the line but we couldn't find any MSD handling issue. The reflow profile for this BGA is within the specs. and X-Ray analysis reveals no unusual shape of the balls.

We suspect that there is a contact problem either on the ball-substrate or ball-solder pad. It may be also that something is wrong with the die/chip inside though we could not confirm it.

Has anybody had experience this kind of problem in their facility?


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BGA Contact | 25 July, 2002

I need help understanding your problem. * What�s the difference between �e-test failure� and �total failure�? * Why do you think that an ESD induced failure would only be a �total failure�? * What if this is caused by a cracked solder connection? You would see that with your xray thingamajig, would you?

If I hear [read] you correctly, the board tests: * Fine with the hair dryer going. * Poorly with the hair dryer turned off.

If so, can you make contact by pressing on the BGA and pass the test with the hair dryer off?

If not, give us more information, please.

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