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Rework Equipment



Rework Equipment | 27 July, 2002


I am looking into purchasing a rework system for BGA's. Contacted several manufacturers, both large and small, all seemed desperate to sell their stuff. I would need to be locked up in a nut house should I base my purchasing decision on the salesman's suggestions. Guy from company A tells me how great his equipment/service is, but better yet, he rips his competitors equipment to shreads. Contact the competitor, he praises his equipment and after I mention that we are looking at this other system, this fella is knocking the other company. The funny thing is that based on specs and overall process description, all of these systems are extremely similar.

Anyone out there, please provide some OBJECTIVE opinion on variuos systems on the market. With the economy in the toilet, I need something relatively inexpensive (below 40k).

BTW... for the love of god, no sales pithes, PLEASE!

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Rework Equipment | 28 July, 2002

Sam - If I owned Cal Driscoll Electronics and were looking for a rework system a few things I would consider: 1) Convection is key (IR as an under heater or pre heat is ok but not as the main heat source). 2)programming simple? User Friendly and easy 3)Added costs i.e. Micro Stencil for each BGA,uBGA...esc... 4)board size Wide range of sizes are good. 5) split vision system- How do they calibrate for the Paralex (sp) Eror?

I can give you my list of machines in order of 1 - 3 on who I would choose contact me offline

YES my opinion will be unbiased

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