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Maintenance software



Maintenance software | 30 July, 2002

I would like to integrate all our maintenance procedures / shedules etc in one software package.

Does anyone have any experiance, good or bad, of any systems out there? A rough idea of price would also help.

We have three SMT lines with around 10 machines per line. (1 machine = either chip shooter or printer etc)



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Maintenance software | 6 August, 2002

Siemens has a software tool called SMMT that prompts when PM is needed based on actual machines usage, not the calander. All machine motions are tracked the PM prompt is given when the counter reaches the threshold.

All PM steps are described in detail on the user screen. Once the PM is accomplished the counters are reset. Slick system that works very well and saves us money for PM.

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Maintenance software | 8 August, 2002

Thanks, Sounds good, does it also accomodate other machines? Printers, ovens etc.

I guess this is a Siemens of the shelf package.


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Eliud Rivera


Maintenance software | 9 August, 2002

I was once an SMT Engineer but now I'm in charge of the calibration and maintenance of all the plant equipment. What I use is a program called Maintenance Log Pro from You could request a demo and see how it works. At this moment I have not seen any problem.

Good luck

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