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MYDATA Training

steve moore


MYDATA Training | 2 August, 2002

We have just puchased the MY12 from MyData. Along with the purchase comes some training at their facility. Does anyone have suggestions as to what training they provide would be the most helpful?

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MYDATA Training | 2 August, 2002

I will send you documents that describe the Mydata training to your SMTnet mail box.

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John Patricelli


MYDATA Training | 5 August, 2002

I've attended the Advanced Programming Course and the Maintenance Course at their Rowley, MA site. I also talked to the trainer, Toby Upham, about some of the other training courses they provide.

It sounds like the New User Training course covers many of the basics that you can learn by reading the manual, plus some tips on creating Layouts, Panels and PCB programs.

The Maintenance Course is excellent, where you get the opportuntiy to actually strip down all of the major components of the machine and put it back together. It's a very good class, and covers a great deal of information. I would suggest that the primary technician or maintenance person responsible for maintaining your machine attend this course, as many tips and tricks on how to keep it perfectly aligned and calibrated are covered that are not in any manual.

The Advanced Programming Course focuses on programming component packages properly, including BGA's and micro BGA's, with quite a bit of hands on practise, and they encourage you to bring your own unique or 'problem' components to use in the class. They also cover many 'core program' aspects of the Mydata machines that are very good to know, but may not be actually necessary, such as how to troubleshoot a networked Synergy Line, or how to set up remote PC terminals on a company network to do programming at your desk.

By far, the best class for immediate use on the machines was the Maintenance class, but if you want more specific info, I recommend you call Toby Upham, the actual trainer, at Mydata. 1-978-948-6919.

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