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Sony HandyCam 8mm tracking?



Sony HandyCam 8mm tracking? | 4 August, 2002

Hey gang- I was hoping someone here could me help. I have a sony 8mm (not digital) handycam camcorder, and i am having problems with video playback. It seems the tracking is messed up (i think it should have autotracking), but i can't find where it allows me to switch between SP/LP or a manual tracking dial. Can anyone tell me how i can adjust it (like a VCR) so that my video playback isnt distorted up. Sometimes it will be clear, but most of the time i play video back it isnt even recognizeable. I have already tried using a dry head unit cleaner tape.

The model number is CCD-TRV30 HTSC, and i cant find a pdf file of the user manual either.


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Sony HandyCam 8mm tracking? | 5 August, 2002

You must try cleaning the heads with a wet head cleaner. Dry tape cleaner just scratches your heads. Demagnetizer is good to use after a good cleaning.

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