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Reflow Oven Monitoring



Reflow Oven Monitoring | 5 August, 2002

I'd like to ask for feedback on monitoring the reflow oven using a copper plate.Are there any articles relating to the above, in the sense of what size the copper plate should be, how many thermocouples should be attached, the frequency of measure ment and what parameters should be measured, but more importantly how accurate this method is ?

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Reflow Oven Monitoring | 7 August, 2002

Comments on copper plate temperature monitoring are: * Some people use this type of temperature monitoring to start the day as an element of an oven capability measurement and monitoring program. * Using a copper or other metal plate, like aluminum, or a plain piece of FR-4 eliminates interaction from the substrate design and fabrication during the temperature measurement. * Measure temperature what�s important to your process. Dunno, rail-to-rail, front-to-back, and center of the plate / board? * Plate / board is maybe a foot long, but would length could vary depending on the width [of the oven] so there wasn�t too much sag during reflow. * Measure something important like a variant of time over liquidous or variation center to side. * Accuracy is as good as your �profiler / thermocouple�. * Maintenance of the 'plate / thermocouple' assembly is important, of course.

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