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Tape and Reel



Tape and Reel | 7 August, 2002

I am looking for information on tape and reel equipment. My company is having an issue with components supplied in sticks, and I was needing to get some info on either purchasing tape and reel machines or find another avenue, such as out-source the tape and reel work.

Any ideas?

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Tape and Reel | 7 August, 2002

ChrisN, We have been using a tape and reel machine from V-Tek for the last couple of years. It's a simple machine for small quantities. They also do tape and reel services.

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Tape and Reel | 7 August, 2002

I dont know what kind of volume you use in crystals, but my company manufactures crystals and oscillators, and if the order is over 1000pcs we'll put it on t/r if that what u request. If we dont have any t/r components in stock, well put them on t/r for you. If you need a more reliable source for your crystals and oscillators, send me an e-mail or check out our website at

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Tape and Reel | 8 August, 2002

Check the equipt. page on SMTnet. I have found some good deals there on the Vtec's.

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Tape and Reel | 9 August, 2002

stick/slope feeder is not an option?


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