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Electra Wave Solder Machine


Electra Wave Solder Machine | 13 August, 2002

I am looking for advice on purchasing a used '98-'00 Electrovert Electra wave soldering machine.

Are there any specific parts of the machine I should closely inspect?

Any specific options I should make sure it has?

I will need it to have a spray fluxer, any preference?

What is the difference between a vanilla Electra and an Electra 500?

Thanks for any input.


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Electra Wave Solder Machine | 13 August, 2002

The Electra and Electra 500 are basically the same. 20 or 24" As far as the other items Spray fluxer type can be picky on flux type(solids content etc)and also there are choices for selective spraying Check out finger conveyor config - may suit pallets not just PWB, or other way round Check out the nozzle config as well to suit your product as there are many configs - SMT or PTH, combo, air or nitrogen Make sure enough preheat for your PWB - top side etc Just a couple of pointers

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Electra Wave Solder Machine | 13 August, 2002

The Electra is Electrovert's top-of-the-line wave solder machine. Just about the best you could get. Conveyor concerns should focus on the condition of the extruded rails. A machine that new should not have a problem, buy worth a look see. Find out if OA (water soluble) flux was run. This can attack the rails. Fingers are not such a big deal because you can change them for low cost. V type fingers can run pallets that are designed for finger conveyors besides just boards. Some machines have an intermix of V and L shaped fingers. See if the fluxer is a USI (Ultrasonic Systems Inc.). The best. They are not fussy about flux types. If it has a USI you will find the USI name somewhere, or go to to see what the spray head looks like. IR and forced convection preheats were offered. The machine may have all IR, all convection or a mix. It is clear to tell the difference- the IR is under glass whereas the convection is a matrix of holes like an oven zone heater. Find out if the solder module is a CoN2tour or standard air Lambda. If CoN2tour you'll need to run nitrogen. Check for the Omega option. Its a large vibration device situated immediately aft the solder module and has 2 shafts that attached to the second wave baffle. The Omega option delivers a programmable frequency to vibrate the solder wave. This reduces surface tension of the solder wave. Other options to look for: Center Board Support CO2 fire extinguishing system See if the seller can power up the machine to confirm functionality of the computer control system, conveyor drive, fluxer and pre-heats. If there's solder in the pot, fire it up to be sure pumps are working. Best of luck!

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