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DEK288 Machine's "Board Stuck" issue


DEK288 Machine's "Board Stuck" issue | 20 August, 2002

Can someone share the solution on how to fix DEK288 machine's "Board Stuck" error?

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Jason Baldwin


DEK288 Machine's | 22 August, 2002

Symptom: Board Stuck on Print Conveyor error messages. Cause: Board not flagging the camera sensor. Remedy: Check the following items:

� Check the camera sensor can see the board underneath. � Check the camera sensor calibration (in Tools, Camera Ref Calibration). � Check the camera Y stop position, if the boards do not have a straight leading edge. � Check the rail parallelism, and general condition of the belts etc.. � Check to see if the camera sensor position is behind the nodes (the board will never reach the sensor in this condition!). This is usually caused by an invalid sensor position calibration. If this continues to be an issue, then in extreme cases, Nextmove.txt can be modified to overcome this. This problem can affect boards <100mm in length.

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DEK288 Machine's | 22 August, 2002

The reply from J. Baldwin details the most frequent causes of Board Transfer issues on the DEK 288 machine.

The web site offers a variety of Process, Service and Support details on all DEK products, with the ability to contact the DEK Customer Support Helpdesk for technical enquiries.

Online and Helpdesk support is available to all DEK users. Customers who have purchased their machines from third party users or direct from DEK have the option of various support packages.

To contact the DEK Helpdesk visit:!openform

For general details visit:

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DEK288 Machine's | 24 August, 2002

Hi CS Tan, Most customers expecially tend to neglet maintenance of the machine. As in the case of Dek 288 most of the end users have the impression that the 288 is one of the worst machines by Dek. But till today although Dek has discountinued manufacturing 288 I still feel that the machine is one of the best in the market. The only way for you to keep the machine in very good running condition without small issues like board stuck is to do maintenance regularly. Replace board transport belts and buffer belts regularlly. Need to perform calibration of the belts speed,Nodes,board stop sensor in the camera, conveyor parallelism.Check all pulleys are in good working conditions.You might ask me why such regular checks and calibrations,why we don't do this on a Dek 265?.The answer to this question is very simple, it is because the Dek 288 is a high end machine and is running at high speeds and the chances for wear and tear is higher and replacement is more frequent. As to your board stuck problems if this checks are done regularlly you would see minimum down time on this machines.Another sensitive issue 288 users need to follow is do what the machine instruct you on the screen as the s/w is meant to be that way. I have proved this point in Solectron Penang when I was working for Dek. I was given a machine that was going down for about 30hrs a week. Beside the worn out parts that I saw on the machine the operator was also accountable as the person was pushing the boards into the input buffer even when there was a board.One of the OEM's who are quite happy with the 288 and are willing to purchase I heard is Seagate.

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