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Manual Soldering



Manual Soldering | 20 August, 2002


Is there any reference to the best wetting time when doing manual soldering in order to get the most reliable joints i.e to avoid thick intermetallic line formations. I heard people says, the shorter the better, but how short is short...say for typical 1206 package, what is the best wetting time.

thank you in advance

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Manual Soldering | 20 August, 2002

Not more than 5 seconds.

Iron tip temperature / solder alloy / flux composition / pad solderability protection / component termination solderability protection / cleanliness of the soldering iron tip / board design / ladeda

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Manual Soldering | 23 August, 2002

If you really want to monitor manual soldering.....Dwell time, heat tip,........ Contact ACI as they have a process tool the goes inline with you soldering iron for real time SPC data.

Contact Jeff Staong at aci 610-362-1200 x 224 or


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