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Nitrogen, Measuring the effectiveness of



Nitrogen, Measuring the effectiveness of | 9 September, 2002

I have been involved with the reflow process for many years. However, my most recent position now includes the use of Nitrogen. In studying the reflow process and using Nitrogen, it seems to me that it would only make sense to be measuring the O2 level within the tunnel to fully understand if the process is inert or not. Currently our equipment has no devices either on-board or portable for measuring O2 levels. I myself would be interested in knowing what our O2 level is.

Should I be measuring O2 levels as a process indicator?

Is it the solder paste datasheet/manufacturer who would provide what the O2 ppm should be for the successful reflow of their paste?

Or is O2 ppm an industry standard?

Or is it a function of the size and capability of the oven, whereby the ppm level would be specified by the manufacturer of the oven?

Any recommendations on equipment for measuring the O2 level?

Any discussion would be greatly appreciated.



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