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Mydata Feeders


Mydata Feeders | 10 September, 2002

Is anyone out there currently using Mydata's new Agilis feeders in production ? If so how long have you been using them, and how well do they work compared to the older style feeders?

Thanks in adavance.

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Mydata Feeders | 11 September, 2002

Bernard Mulcahy


Mydata Feeders | 13 September, 2002

Hi ,

Using the Agilis feeders 3/4 months now. We are low volume so they haven't worked hard , but we have had no real problems. They seem to work well with both paper and plastic tapes.As for components we use them on 0603, 0805 ,SOT ,mini-melf & tant A & B. -- The only issue I have found is with some old mini-melf reels (plastic tape) we have in stock for an older product you find the tape can lift and trigger the light curtain. To solve you have to pull the tape through the whole way to the back of the feeder-- but you are still not losing many components

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