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24mm CP43 Feeders


24mm CP43 Feeders | 17 September, 2002


We have a serious problem bending our 24mm tape covers. In particular we are feeding a 24mm 16 pitch tape on a 24mm P8 feeder.The component is a plcc28,the tape cover is a AMCD3107 5.0 When the tape covers come in from Fuji the fingers that cover the component while feeding are too long.(they don't get out of the way quick enough when the feeder is actuating causing mis-feed problems)We end up having to grind about a 1/4 of the fingers off to make them work. Even after we modify them it seems they work good for a while, then when we get one mis-feed and it bends the tape cover. After about three or four times the tape cover is worthless.

Has anyone encountered this before ?


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Brad Fruend


24mm CP43 Feeders | 20 September, 2002

This might be totally wrong but if your using a 16 pitch reel in a 8 pitch feeder you are going to have to feed the feeder twice before it will be advanced far enough. This should be in your F4G or MCS30.

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24mm CP43 Feeders | 20 September, 2002

You are right. It is getting indexed twice. Once by the feed lever and once by the feed cylinder.

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Mark J


24mm CP43 Feeders | 20 September, 2002

The way it works is the first index is done with the feed cylinder, and the final is done using the cam during pick. You might want to check to make sure you're getting a full, complete stroke out of your feed cylinder, also make sure the mechanism is free and properly lubed. You may be getting a sporadic, incomplete stroke from the cylinder. Seeing as it's a CP-4.3 it's probably got some time on it, if the previous doesn't help, you might consider replacing the cylinder. you may have an O-ring or cylinder seal that is marginal. It could be caused by a "choked down" solenoid valve too if the quality of your plant air isn't that great. If none of the above works drop me a line here and we can knock heads to try to figure out your problem.

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