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Commercial Postings


Commercial Postings | 23 September, 2002

Commercial postings

The level of commerce in the following two threads is way out of hand: * �Where Do I Start?�

* �AOI�

Please stop!!!

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Commercial Postings | 25 September, 2002

I do agree and try to "Curb" the commercialism as best as can. I always try to address the needs on a non-bias point.

If I can help in any way by all means let me know.

In the mean time I will keep my plugs to off line conversation while addding technical content.


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Ken Bliss


Commercial Postings | 26 September, 2002

Hi DaveF and Brian Doyle

Here is my two cents, and a change in my previosuly posted thoughts about control.

Before we all go wild with alot of police work and programming, how about simply posting basic forum rules at the top of the main conference page and have them show up at the top of every thread, simply state the wishes of the community

an example

1. No blatant sales pitches, if you have the product needed to solve the posted problem you may post that fact. Do not try to derail to an unrelated product.

2. No blasting other postings if you have a problem with a posting email Brian Doyle.

3. Keep it professional, the forum is an exchange of problems, ideas and solutions related to printed circuit assembly.

keep the rule list short no more than five basic rules and see what happens. The group currently has more time and postings than the problem has.

Do not require registration yet, keep it open. Try the rules see what happens


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