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0201 Aperture design


0201 Aperture design | 3 October, 2002

Good Day Everyone,

Can anyone offer any advice on 0201 aperture design? We are looking at an application that will require them. We would like to do some experimentation first. Also, assuming an OA flux, would we need a type 4 or 5 powder paste to process these? We have done 0402's with descent results. I can't imaging cutting them in half! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance

Christopher Lampron Cirtronics Corporation

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0201 Aperture design | 3 October, 2002

Get started with an "On-Board Forum" [blue bar an inch down from the top of the page] moderated by Jeff Schake at DEK that was a discussion focused on stencil printing issues with 0201 technology.

Chris: Are you putting 0201 on flex? If so, sounds like mighty edgy palleting, eh?

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0201 Aperture design | 4 October, 2002


Some considerations in aperture design/size are aspect ratio and diameter of solder ball particle. Here are some guidelines to follow.

Aspect Ratio = W / t >1.5.

Width >= 4-5 Particle Diameters. Use the smallest opening to determine this. Using dimension of the smallest aperture width, you should be able to fit minimum of 4-5 solder balls side by side into the opening. For 0201 design, -400 mesh (type 4 or 4,3) should work fine.

Mesh-Solder Ball Size 325 =44(um)= 0.0017(in) 400 =37= 0.0015 500 =30= 0.0012 625 =20= 0.00078

Mesh type-Mesh Designation Type 3= -325/+400 Type 3= -325/+400 to 500 Type 3= -325/+500 Type 4,3= -400/+500 Type 4= -400/+625

Hope this helps. Good luck. Sarge

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Bob Willis


0201 Aperture design | 4 October, 2002

If you want some additional material on 0201 design and assembly the SMART Group Committee produced one of its Charity Reports with all the money raised going to the Red Cross USA September 11th Appeal. You can get it from the SMTA Main office, it features some 0201 video clips that a few people seem to be using in presentations in the USA at the moment.


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0201 Aperture design | 4 October, 2002

Hi Dave,

No we are placing these parts on hard boards. Thank God!



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0201 Aperture design | 12 October, 2002

I run 0201 on a 5 mils stencil with openting of 15X12 and did not have any issue. The major concern is the placement and CP643 did very good job. Type 3 solder pastes was used. Good luck.

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