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Solder Contamination



Solder Contamination | 8 October, 2002

What is the procedure for insuring that our solder is not contanimated in our wave solder process if we switch between water soluable and no clean solder. We switch between the two types on the same machine during consecutive shifts. Should the entire solder pot be changed? Is skimming the dross sufficient for insuring that we are not getting cross contamination.


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Solder Contamination | 9 October, 2002

Are we talking solder or flux?


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Solder Contamination | 9 October, 2002

No solder need be changed. The flux burns off and does not effect the solder in the wave. Go ahead, switch from NC to OA with no concern. Lots of people do.

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Solder Contamination | 9 October, 2002

You want to make sure that you fluxer is completely purged of the previous flux prior to starting. Other than that switching is no issue.


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Solder Contamination | 9 October, 2002

Why not go to VOC free flux. It is a water based no clean. Clean it when you need to and leave it when you don't have to clean. We have used it for several years. We do Military and Commercial - passes for all so far.

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Solder Contamination | 10 October, 2002

No need to change solder pot ,anyway the contamination during clean and no clean flux may happen when change from clean to no clean which it will float on the surface of solder pot , you only clean it ( same as the dross removal ) due to in the normal flux will dry out during preheat time and very few chemical that left on solder pot ,,, but the contamination from tinning oil is the bigger problem than flux , if you have this contamination sometime you need to use cloth to clean the oil.

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