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Cardboard Box Design



Cardboard Box Design | 11 October, 2002


Recently I am given a task to perform a drop test on a cardboard tote box. Inside is 180 pcs of assembled PCBA with cardboard dividers. But it was unable to withstand the drop test and thus the some of the boards are damaged. Does anyone have a good design package for cardboard box packaging or any where I can get info.. Appreciate any help...

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Ken Bliss


Cardboard Box Design | 15 October, 2002

Hi Jason

First, I would not use real parts to test. Second talk to your cardboard box supplier they should be able to advise you on this, they should have the test results from the box capacities they sell to start with.

Are you using this tote box for in house use or for shipping out to a customer? If you are using it for shipping to a customer, reduce the board count per tote and use foam pads to sandwich the boards to reduce vibration and shock. If you are using these in house consider using the tray cart method, the boards move through your process in trays and the trays are put in the tray cart for transport through your plant. This is a proven method, virtually all major PC board assemblers are now using this. It prevents board damage. Several manufacturers of these include Bliss Industries at, Cari-all, Metro. If you need to stay with cardboard try Brick Container.

Hope that helps, if you need more info contact me off line

Ken Bliss 510-490-8401

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