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Cleaning Oxides from BGA's



Cleaning Oxides from BGA's | 18 October, 2002

Here's one for you lot,

dos anyone have a method or a vendor that can clean the ball's of BGA's of oxides to bring them back to 'new' conditions ? I've got a bathc of components that are fairly old and I get some issues with soldering them which I believe is a result of oxides so I'd like to clean them.

I'd thought of reballing them but the device manufacturer is not happy with this as it break's thier 3 reflow's rule. Plasma cleaning is a possibility but I've previously been told that this can cause a static charge so again I'm wary.

anyone any thoughts?....


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Cleaning Oxides from BGA's | 18 October, 2002

Have you tried using a paste with a more aggressive flux? Our main paste is Indium, but whenever we run into oxidized parts or have soldering problems due to oxidation on pads we use an older Alpha WS paste called WS609. The drawback of this paste is that it does not work well on 20 mil or smaller stencil apertures. It also dries out rather quickly.

I have never heard of anyone offering a part cleaning service.


Sr. Tech

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David Salverian


Cleaning Oxides from BGA's | 18 October, 2002

ROSA is your answer. Contact Greg Wood at the American Competitiveness Institute in Philadelphia for details.

Here is his email:

Store your parts in Static Intercept bags to eliminate any future oxidation.

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Cleaning Oxides from BGA's | 18 October, 2002

What size are the spheres? you could have them laser re-balled with no induced heat.

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Cleaning Oxides from BGA's | 18 October, 2002

Matt, please tell me more! This sound interesting


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Cleaning Oxides from BGA's | 18 October, 2002

David- You are correct!!! DING DING DING!!!!

Here is an overview from the ACI website: ACI offers solderability restoration services by using Reduced Oxide Soldering Activation (ROSA) technology to remove the oxide layers from circuit boards or components and then re-tin or otherwise coat them to maintain a solderable surface.

The ROSA technology uses electrochemical reduction principles to convert surface oxides of a variety of surface finishes, thus restoring solderability. This process is performed in an aqueous solution so any residues are easily and quickly rinsed away.

ACI has one of the few ROSA systems which enables electronics companies to use solderability restoration for the solution to their solderability issues.

Here is the link:

Also, If Greg Wood is unavailable please contact Blaine Partee


You can call the direct line with in the US 610-362-1200 and ask for Blaine or Greg.


Contact the Helpline at: (610) 362-1320 or E-mail:

I hope this helps. If you run into trouble in reaching on of these people(s) give me a shout.


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Cleaning Oxides from BGA's | 19 October, 2002

You know I knew I used this forum for a reason, probably the most complete knowledge base going.

I too use Indium and yoru right the minite you hit any stuborn oxides then your bust. The problem however is that the customer tends to dictate what we can and can't use for compatibility issues so we can't use the Alpha although I have used that method befor on older PCB's to put a 3 thou couting on them to be abel to use some older PCB's to dig a customer out the preverbial, work's a treat.

I love the sound of the ROSA, I'll be checking that out Monday for sure. Matt, I echo Russ's comment, please tell more .... I was recently lookign at VI Technologies LS180 laser rework machine and it's pretty good, maybe I could use the same machien but what about old ball removal?


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