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Warranty on Prototype boards


Warranty on Prototype boards | 22 October, 2002

Does anyone know of any standard industry guidelines or accepted practice for warranty on assembled Prototype boards?

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Warranty on Prototype boards | 23 October, 2002

In a word, no. But your question is interesting...are you a supplier trying to develop wording for a contract, or are you a customer trying to resolve an issue, or?

From a customer perspective, I would hope that the healthy charge we pay for low volume proto builds to be adequate for ensuring that the thing is built per specification, just like any other board. If the specs. are wrong, or unclear, that's a whole 'nother issue.

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Warranty on Prototype boards | 24 October, 2002

We are a supplier building prototypes. Most of our projects consist of boards with array packages down to 30 mil pitch. My concern is with customers that return boards for rework on array packages. Typically if their product is not functioning that is the first thing they point to if nothing else is obvious. If we assemble boards to spec and are confident in our process and inspection methods ( including X-ray ) at what point do you discourage the attempt of rework to a BGA type device.

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Warranty on Prototype boards | 24 October, 2002

Have you looked at cross-sectional analysis? If they can provide you details of where the failures are occurring, maybe you can chop one up and see exactly what's going on?

We've done it once for our own engineering department and the results (nothing visible @ 250X mag.) forced engineering to track down the software bug that was causing intermittent failures. Maybe you could be as fortunate.....

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