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Juki vs. Mydata??? Operational input appreciated!



Juki vs. Mydata??? Operational input appreciated! | 4 November, 2002

My company is considering the purchase of Mydata My-9 or My-12 machines vs. Juki 2020 machines. Realizing these two machines have distinct differences in both feeder designs, operational issues, and such, I am interested in others who have analized these machines and have had this decision to make. Ours is a company that must consider ease of change-over, user interface, training curve and efficiency of the REAL utilization of available feeder space.

I am also interested in your subsequent installation experience and service / maintenance experiences after the sale(s). How was your training experience?

A HEARTY THANKS to anyone willing to take a few minutes to share their experiences!

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Juki vs. Mydata??? Operational input appreciated! | 4 November, 2002

An effective method to compare the two machines is to go to each vendor's nearest demo facility. Go there with PWBs, components and board data. Find out from each vendor what the minimum board data they'll need- like X-Y Centroid, Theta and Reference Designator in ASCII text. Try to have p/ns within the board data too. Send nothing in advance! Oh, they'll ask for it all right, but don't do it. Choose a board that is not too complex w/ high-component counts, but not too simple. If you have boards w/ components right up to the edges, bring that one. If you don't have an "ideal" board, then take one that is complex w/ high-component count but only bring some of the components, the most difficult ones of course. Try to use all the feeder types, like tape, tube and tray. Your goal should be to be in and out in the same day. Show up at their door with the kit and have them show you the process to program, setup and changover the machine from soup-to-nuts. If you are an EMS company, this is a good simulation of what actually happens in your everday life. I am concerned if you'll get a balanced response from posters in this forum. Pretend you're from Missouri. SHOW ME!

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Juki vs. Mydata??? Operational input appreciated! | 10 November, 2002

We just went through the same comparison shopping for our company -- and we ended up choosing Juki machines -- as our comparison was between a MY9 with a hydra head and the Juki 2010 & 2020 combo. Both machines have excellent software packages and are good machines overall, but the big thing was the Juki machines are modular (with conveyors) versus the MY9 which are done usually in a batch mode (using the Y wagon). Plus, if you have any growth, you can add another 2010 or 2020 to the mix. One of the things I liked about the 2020 was the 4 head design and they have developed a universal head that can pick up almost any component without head switchover. But a plus on the Mydata side is the inteligence of their feeder design, especially with the introduction of the aegilis system..... This almost comes down to the "Toyota" versus "VW" arguement. You really can't go wrong with either one, but you have to kick the tires to see which one will work for you the best.

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