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Stencil Printer comparison


Stencil Printer comparison | 8 November, 2002


I'm setting up an new production line for cell phone manufacturing and am looking for a second printer for the back half of the line. I am looking at both new and used though used is looking pretty attractive due to the glut of equipment currently. I wanted to get some input on experiences/reccomendations that you may have with DEK 265 vs. MPM UP2000 in both 2D and 3D vision configurations. We are looking for something that will offer the most consistent print quality with the least operator/tech. intervention and which has the best balance of vision vs. throughput. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



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Stencil Printer comparison | 20 November, 2002

In my opinion MPM is superior as far as programming the 2D inspection. It's fast, simple and reliable. The DEK has options like Formflex. The MPM only offers adjustable vacuum box. It's difficult. 2nd hand prices are not similar. We offer used/refurbshed MPM2000 around 32.5k$. DEK goes for (265GSX) around 60k$. Both for '98 systems with 2D inspection, wet/dry cleaner. Hope I've been of help. Jasper

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Stencil Printer comparison | 20 November, 2002

FYI: MPM does in fact offer alternate board support tooling than the vacuum box system. They have the X and Y snugger tooling, which clamps the board and uses magnetic support pins. If you are looking at a used UP2000, check to see what tooling it has. Also, JnJ Industires offers a board support kit to retro onto UP2000 machines w/ snugger tooling. However, well designed and manufactured custom board support fixtures w/ the vacuum system delivers the most effective and repeatable support for double-sided printing. Considering you are going to do cell phone mfg., board support tooling is going to be critical.

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Stencil Printer comparison | 23 November, 2002

Transition Automation is offering a unique offline tooling system, which definetely improves the mpm machines compared to dek. Considering the big cost gap between used mpm and dek machines, if you buy mpm, and buy transitions instant fixture upgrade, you will be getting a superior setup. Ive learned of the Transiton tooling through a recent demonstration. Its pricy, but considering the low cost of mpm used equip, you would have a good package combining the situation. the mpm has very good software interface. The transition tooling, is a fine pitch offline pin array device, and it is availible for either the dek or mpm.

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Stencil Printer comparison | 25 November, 2002

MPM is superior...specially the UP2000. Wider Field of View offers faster 2D recognition process.

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Stencil Printer comparison | 25 November, 2002

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. We are going with dedicated tooling for our phone cards but not for our system cards so that takes that out of the equation for the former, will evaluate for the system bds.. Thanks for the info.. Regarding vision systems with respect to FOV and speed, I am finding it difficult to do comparisons for different vintage equip.. I have specs for new units and in that race the UP2000 and Horizon are matched in FOV but the DEK does it in .2 seconds quicker time so the difference is 77 mm2/s (MPM) vs 106 mm2/s (DEK). If anyone has specs for 1998-2001 machines or knows where the changes occurred I would be very interested.

I am curious about the ease of programming comments. Is the MPM interface more intuitive/graphic than DEK's or is the feature set more thorough/complete?

One more question is in regards to maintenance and reliability comparison between the two. For what it's worth, we will be equipping whichever machine with ProFlo/Rheometric pump head option.

Thanks again to all who reply!


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Stencil Printer comparison | 26 November, 2002

MPM UltraPrint 2000 2D Inspection Times:

QFP 256 pin 16Mil pitch is 7.5 seconds BGA 225 ball 20Mil pitch is 1.8 seconds Find out the DEK times for these devices.

Any UP2000 of 1995 mfg. date oand on can be upgraded to the latest software.

Concerning ease of programming, I recommed you get behind the wheel of each machine and test drive yourself.

Ask for the MPM UP2K and DEK maintenance manuals to compare and talk to some users.

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