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Type 4 & Type 5 Paste Control?



Type 4 & Type 5 Solder Paste- Process Control & Considerations? | 14 November, 2002

note: retyped due to some earlier technical fault.

does anyone know what environment factors(specifications?) and process control parameters(printer & reflow?) are optimal for running SMT using type 4 and type 5 solder paste respectively? Any pitfalls to avoid?

The product we have been asked to use is a 170mm x 210mm panel with 32 individual cells, each cell having 2 SOIC, 1 uBGA, and cuppa RES & CAPs (total : 27 parts each cell).

PS: Yeah, we know of the "speak to the sales guys selling us the paste" and "follow supplier recommended specs" routine. however, we most truly value the expertise and wise advise posted here in the fine SMTnet forum. Thanks.

Also we came to know from our off shore SMT associates, about the KESTER Hydromark 522 paste (WS?), and saw some reference to it in the SMTnet, just how good is it? and any unique soldering process considerations that must be addressed during use? how about any cleaning (WS?) needs *hint: ionic contamination level verifications?*?

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Type 4 & Type 5 Solder Paste- Process Control & Considerations? | 14 November, 2002


I will only hit only a few and then bug out.

Worked with one large EMS place that has the "fail first" approach to engineering and manufacturing. ( I know I know THEY all do). They didn't store the paste as the mfg suggested, they didn't control the dates, and they didn't . . Well they failed first and then with twisting faces put in a N storage cabinet. Now just because defects and better soldering resulted didn't mean they would admit that storage and then date control mattered.

Now I would ask your machine supplier some of those machine questions before I would go to the paste suppliers.

KIC believe it or not has a new software / hardware product that goes on reflow machines and it helps you select the best conditions for many types of paste. NOW if you are a good engineer you will still do your own trial runs.

You also might wish to investigate the stencil technology you are using and try the next upgrade.

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