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Reflective coating on PCB



Reflective coating on PCB | 14 November, 2002

I am looking for a reflective coating on PCB. I have designed a PCB with SMT type side LEDs and Top LEDs. The light from these LEDs fall on to a lens profile on top of these and get mangnified and reaches the dashboard instrument's pointers.

I tried fixing a aluminium foil on top of PCB the result was good. The light improved on the dashboard instrument with the existing LED.

I wish to know whethre we can try :

a) Reflective soldermask b) Hot foil stamping/printing c) metal piece -bright sheet metal on top of PCB

Kindly give in your views. Thanks

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Reflective coating on PCB | 14 November, 2002

Most people I have seen use white coat mask. This works very well in LED signs and such.


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Reflective coating on PCB | 15 November, 2002

I have tried this white s/m coating. I want some thing better. I am looking at a metal frame cover over the PCB or leave the PCB surface with HAL avoiding soldermask. Will this HAL withstand -40 to +85 deg?

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Reflective coating on PCB | 20 November, 2002

Sign makers utilize a material called "Scotch-Cal" and "Scotch-Brite" in making decals used in outdoor environments. Material similar to this comes in metallic silver and gold. Pieces of this can be economically die-cut and affixed to your PC Board assembly and have the relative same effectiveness as your aluminum foil.

The adhesives already on this material will withstand both hot and cold extremes well.

I hope this will help provoke other ideas!

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Reflective coating on PCB | 21 November, 2002

Thank you for this information. I will try this. Infact i am already working on this type of idea.

In the mean time, I did try the traditional HAL finish on PCB since it can reflect the light to some extent. I am also trying lacquers peters white s/m ink. Regards

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