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SMTnet Personal Profile Update



SMTnet Personal Profile Update | 15 August, 2000

Hi, I've updated my smtnet personal profile almost 2 months ago and it seemed that it is not affecting my smtnet records. I've moved to another company and changed my old company e-mail to my present address but I didn't receive any notification from smtnet acknowledging that it's been updated. Also I noticed that I didn't receive the smtnet online issues for july and august. There must be a problem with the update process.

for your info, Dreamy

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Re: SMTnet Personal Profile Update | 15 August, 2000

I will look into why you didn't receive the July issue of the SMT Express, but the August issue doesn't go out until tomorrow. Also, we don't send a notification when you change your email address, however, the address you posted with is the same one we have in our database.

I noticed you were not logged in when you posted your message. If you were, the profile icon would have appeared by your name and linked to your profile page. You need to be logged in to associate it with your postings. Postings you make when your not logged in can never be associated with your profile. Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be glad to help.


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