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Oxidisation during Reflow



Oxidisation during Reflow | 25 November, 2002

What really happens during the oxidisation process during reflow soldering? Where does the oxide goes...mix with flux etc...Is there a tin-oxide and lead oxide during the process? I believe that during wave soldering the oxides become dross...but what happens during reflow? Though the flux prevents oxidisation it does not completely prevent it @ 100 percent. thanks and regards,

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Oxidisation during Reflow | 25 November, 2002

That's basically it. In a wonderful world, the oxides flow on top of the flux during heating through reflow.

Obviously when compared to reflow soldering, you create much more dross with your wave by: * Pumping a large volume of very hot solder to have contact with O2 in the air. * "Cleaning" a much larger surface [the whole board] of crud, dirt, and whatnot.

Two of the better discussion on the action of fluxing are: * "Reflow Soldering Processes And Troubleshooting" Lee, NC; Butterworth-Heinemann; ISBN: 0750672188; 1st edition (December 15, 2001) * HDBK-001 - Handbook & Guide to the Requirements of Soldered Electronic Assemblies

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