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SPC? | 11 August, 2000

I'm looking for an SPC package that can also help with time studies for tracking assembly productivity. Does such an animal exist? Any and all recommendations are appreciated. Also if you could provide urls or phone numbers that would be great.



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Re: SPC? | 14 August, 2000

James: Here's a starting point:

1 2 3 4 Boeing SQC (avail. from Boeing for $100) is a good little package for DOS machines. 5 For Windows, SPC KISS from Air Academy Associates ( that runs on Excel for about $100. 6 SPC Expert 7 IPC-PC-90 General Requirements for Implementation of Statistical Process Control orzit IPC-9191 "General Guidelines for Implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC)? See also ISO 11462-1 8 KIC wrote: "Introducing SPC to the Reflow Process" (also covers Wave soldering) in the Nov. 98 SMT magazine and "Applying Real-time SPC to Thermal Process Management" Nepcon 99. 9 Check out some of the articles on the Quality webpage regarding SPC. Might give you the research to make it a good thing. 10 DQS - DataNet Quality Systems 11Perhaps the two most powerful (and expensive) are Statistica (918-749-1119, and Minitab (800-488-3555, 12 JMP 13 WinSPC. 14 SPC software with automated data collection: ProLink QC-CALC 15 On find a link to QMSPC. Other links at that site may be useful also

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