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new investment request



new investment request | 1 January, 2003

Our new Site in India has been running a lot of NPI lately. Most of the operations, is done manually i.e. Manual Insert.

I was asked by the Development Group to invest on AI machine. I'm not sure of whether I should proceed with the investment or not ? What are the things that I should consider before I proceed with the investment. Any input will be appreciated.

regards... yngwie

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new investment request | 1 January, 2003

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new investment request | 1 January, 2003

Problems with the quality of hand assembly operations can be traced back to: * Poor investment in people training * Poor investment in process control * Poor investment in documentation and process instructions * Boredom and tedium

Your potential investment in AI will not correct the sources of the problems you see. It will only do a better job of showing you the problems.

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new investment request | 1 January, 2003

So, why don't you answer the question, instead of pimping your services?

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new investment request | 1 January, 2003

Hi ,

Since , only most of your operation is done manually , I believe there are a number of operations that are done through automation , do you actually see the benefits of automation?

There are many considerations points of going into automation ...but to invest in this low-economy period is one good idea . However , you will have to map out your company long-terms goals in terms of operation costs,ROI and target profits .

If you need further assistance , I would suggest you visit some of the companies in India that are already using automation for a long time of them is Sanyo-BPL....

Do let me know if you need further assistance.

Thanks and do have a fruitful research.

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new investment request | 2 January, 2003

Thanx for an input Dave...I fully agreed with your input.It will only do a better job of showing us the problem.


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Randy Villeneuve


new investment request | 6 January, 2003

I am not sure what parts you are inserting, i.e. radial, axial. The first thing I would do is to make sure the design can be automated. There are design guidelines from Universal and others that are good in determining if the parts can be placed and in what order. The guidelines are for their axial and radial inserters. I assume this is a wave process.

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