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Flip chip or wire bond?

Jon Fox


Flip chip or wire bond? | 2 January, 2003

This should be a fun one! I was asked the question from our Engineering, should we use die attach with wire bond or go ahead into the new world of flip chips? Right now, I am faced with information overload about the two processes but I am really looking for some real world accounts and some cost analysis examples. Can anyone give some relative input to this hot topic. Does anyone have any good experience with Palomar, K&S, or Universal and the combination with an existing SMT line. Are there some other names out there that I should be looking at as well?

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Jacques Coderre


Flip chip or wire bond? | 3 January, 2003

Hi Jon, Flip Chip is chosen as an interconnect approach when one needs improved performance (high pin count, high frequency, noise reduction or improved heat dissipation.Another driver is size...Flip Chip greatly reduces the area and therefore is chosen for size-sensitive applications. It does not in itself reduce costs. If wirebond fits design-wise, then it is typically cheaper...Hope this helps

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yvonne heng


Flip chip or wire bond? | 10 May, 2004

Hi Jon, well,i think that wirebond is still the best option at the moment since it is more flexible unless size is one of the important factor.

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