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Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage



Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage | 6 January, 2003

Hello folks,

Just wondering if there is a guideline out there that specifies how many temp/humidity sensors are needed in a certain unit area size in PCBA assembly production, especially for the SMT process.

Thanks! Henry

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Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage | 7 January, 2003

J-STD-001 prescribes acceptable temperature and humidity ranges for electronic assembly, but does not discuss required instrumentation, nor its accuracy nor coverage. We're unaware of another standard that requires such a thing.

The standards of today seem to be aimed at defining requirements and allowing the practitioner the latitude to determine the best method of meeting that requirement. In the US, this approach was developed to reduce the cost of production of military goods where, previously, standards both defined the requirement AND specified the method of production.

So, based on the coverage of your instrumentation, you should have enough instruments to assure that you comply with J-001.

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Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage | 8 January, 2003


DaveF already gave a good answer, which almost falls into the good attorney category.

Let me try another good attorney, engineer answer.

Depending on your environment place high quality sensors where they are needed, and record the T & H environment. Take action and install equipment when the T & H falls outside of specification.

YiE, MA/NY DDave

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Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage | 9 January, 2003

Very good consultant answers.

Has anyone evry really used T&H data to ever determine fallout? I've seen it recorded many times over the years, but all it does is take up floor space to store the charts from the recorders.

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Dave F


Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage | 14 January, 2003

Let me make it simple than! one controller should be enough for a 400 sq ft room as a good rule of thumb. Although there are many factors that can affect this rule of thumb so read your graphs and take the approciate action.


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Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage | 14 January, 2003


How about just keeping it between the printer and placement. Preferable between two lines. Thats where it matters does it ?


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