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"Search SMTnet" Only Searches "Forum"


"Search SMTnet" Only Searches "Forum" | 13 January, 2003

One of the improvements in a recent site upgrade made the "Forum" the default location to "Search SMTnet". It appears that: * "Forum" is the default location for conducting searches. * Searches from other locations [ie, "Full Site", "Companies", "News", "Jobs", etc] default to "Forum". So, "Forum" is not only the default, but the ONLY location for conducting "Searches".

Picky, picky, eh?

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Brian Doyle


test | 14 January, 2003

Excellent find. I'll take care of it.

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| 14 January, 2003

What happened to the "Subject"? It's been "doinked!!"

This does NOT appear to be a unique situation.

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Brian Doyle


hrm | 14 January, 2003

very interesting.

I'll have to look into that as well

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hrm | 15 January, 2003

Dave, It is probably because you used quotation marks in your subject, that the subject disappeared. I've seen that else where, where someone used them part way thru a subject line, and the next reply only had the part before the quotation marks.

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