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Underfill Process

Juan C. Ruiz


Underfill Process | 22 January, 2003

I would like to know how to decide what to use: a batch oven or a conventional reflow oven to cure an underfill material that require 20 min@150 C. the size of the board is 50 X 100 mm. Cycle time previous to cure is 2 minutes. The lenght of the reflow oven available is 430 cm.

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Underfill Process | 22 January, 2003

Some people run underfill through their reflow oven set with a normal recipe, but at breakneck speed. We think that might not produce the cure that we'd like to obtain.

We'd don't use our reflow oven because we don't want to given-up the time to reset the recipe [both dropping down to and rising up from 150*C]. So, we continue to use our old Vitronics.

But, the Vitronics only has a 12 inch throat. So when we need to cure panels that are larger than that, we cure in a Blue-M batch bake box.

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