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Nitrogen Generators



Nitrogen Generators | 22 January, 2003

We are considering purchasing a Nitrogen generator rather than using a separate nitrogen tank outside the building. Here are my questions: 1. Has anyone out there used one before? Our model comes from Tamura and is priced around 50K 2. Would there be cost savings? What is the cost of using nitrogen per reflow machine? per wave? (assuming the machine runs for 8 hours)

Any other comments about nitogen generators are welcome.



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Surface Mount Solutions Inc.


Nitrogen Generators | 22 January, 2003

Nitrogen generators are becoming more popular than ever recently. They are being used for companies involved in food preparation, laser cutting and the electronics market to name a few. Purity, flow rates and pressure determine the system cost and vary on the application. They can easily be cost justified and are a safer alternative than liquid nitrogen services. Maintenance is minimal consisting of replacement filters.I have recently started with the OnSite gas company and we also produce oxygen/nitrogen generators here in the USA. If you would like to comparison shop, feel free to e-mail seperately.

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Nitrogen Generators | 23 January, 2003

I have used Balston ( for desiccator cabinets in the past and really liked them. It's the only brand I've used so can't comment on how they compare with anything else, but it was certainly easy to use (hook up 100psi and dial in the purity level you want. Control the flow rate at the load. change filters a few times a year. We only needed the membrane style unit (which go to about 500scfh @500ppm) but they make a number of more advanced (read = more expensive) units that will go well beyond that at 100ppm. Good luck....

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mike Mcnulty


Nitrogen Generators | 9 May, 2003

You need to know flows, pressures and costs of bulk. Plus purity requirments. Each use is different.Savings can be big. Email me if I can help, I sell these units

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Nitrogen Generators | 12 May, 2003

I purchased three On-Site units a while back to feed two reflow ovens and one wave solder machine. The cost for the lot was approx. $160,000, and flow was approx. 7500 CFH. We were quit pleased wqith the performance and the operating cost. However the require a huge quantity of air, ours required approx.420 CFM at 100 psi. Still the payoff against cryogenic nitrogen was approx. 1 year

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