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Reel storage retreival systems


Reel storage retreival systems | 24 January, 2003

Hi All;

Does anyone have feedback on the reel/feeder storage retreival systems they have out there. We are looking at some different ones, but our shelving systems seem to do a better job. I concerned with downtime on these units and only one person can pull at a time.

Number of unloaded reels range from 3,500 to anywhere around 7,000+. 75% being 7-inch and 25% being larger than 7-inch.

Feedback good or bad.

Thanks Carl

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Reel storage retreival systems | 28 January, 2003

We offer an alternative to expensive automated systems. A manual shelving system designed specifically to store reels and make them easily accessible and organized for anyone and everyone. take a look at click on SMT reel storage. Give me a call to discuss in more detail.

Ken Bliss 510-490-8401

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